Adriana Rocha

2 de June de 2017

eCGlobal: Our 10 years of Innovation in Technology for Market Research and Consumer Relationship

We were born in 2016 and since then we evolve continuously, bringing smart and innovative solutions for the Market Research and Consumer Insights Industry. From the […]
17 de April de 2017

eCGlobal and TV Globo have shared in an exclusive interview for ESOMAR Latin America 2017 Congress about the online community case Conversa Globo

Adriana Rocha, CEO and Co-Founder of eCGlobal, and Ana Frias, viewer care supervisor of TV Globo, have shared in an exclusive interview for ESOMAR Latin America […]
20 de March de 2017

Market Research Automation: our greatest Fear or Innovation?

Read this post in Greenbook Blog Let’s face the reality: in a very likely future, many of the things we do today will be automated. People, from […]
6 de March de 2017

eCGlobal and Remesh in Latam Partnership

I’m happy to share with you that eCGlobal has announced a partnership with Remesh to bring AI platform for market research to Latin America. This partnership […]
7 de November de 2016

Keys to Mobile: HBO APP Case

The Smartphone arrival and its great popularity have changed the way consumers interact in the world and with Market Research forever. Recent industry statistics show that […]
1 de September de 2016

Adriana Rocha for Online MR: Why we should talk more about panel quality

In an interview with Online MR Magazine, Adriana Rocha, CEO and Co-Founder of eCGlobal, highlights the importance of giving priority to the quality of online panels. Read […]
2 de August de 2016

The Engagement Crisis: there is a Light at the End of the Tunnel.

Article published in Greebook Blog In the last 10 years or so, we have witnessed the growth of automation on data collection, analysis and reporting in the […]
28 de July de 2016

E-commerce – Brazilians preferences and consuming habits

In the face of crises, Brazilians prefer to do online shopping looking for better prices and more convenience. In partnership with eCMetrics, we have conducted a […]