15 de March de 2019

World Consumer Rights Day is a day to reflect on all these changes (or not).

By Thaiane Machado * March 15 turned one more day to the retail industry? It seems so. There has been about a week since main brands […]
12 de March de 2019

Social networks, collaborative economy, co-creation and market research. How HBO shortens distance with its consumers.

It’s no surprise that Internet users, from any level, use this tool to share experiences, tastes, styles and desires of consumption. In that same environment, they […]
8 de March de 2019

Women’s Day: Latin American women from the network share their opinions about what it is to be a woman in their countries.

Today, March 8th, is the International Women’s Day. This date, which for a long time was seen as a day of celebration, delivery of roses and […]
7 de March de 2019

Agility is a strategic component for Brands in a scenario of rapid changes

In an interview with Meio & Mensagem, Ariel Grunkraut, director of sales and marketing for Burger King, affirms that brands need more agility to stay current […]
12 de February de 2019

Adriana Rocha talks about what the market can expect from eCGlobal for the year in 2019

The digital transformation is a reality.The speed of information, the consumer increasingly connected and provided with information are factors that mark the need for change in […]
12 de February de 2019

Online Communities: A simple solution for talking to targeted consumer groups

Market Research is often viewed as a time-consuming application for the respondents, creating an idea of ​​boring, old-fashioned methodology. Online communities, heavily influenced by social networks […]
11 de February de 2019

In 2019, Market Research will have to deliver as successful Startups: faster, cheaper, and way better.

By Adriana Rocha Big brands know competition from emerging brands and agile startups is brutal and that these entrants do not do things “the way they’ve […]
19 de December de 2018

Here comes a new eCGlobal for 2019!

We’ve been preparing for new challenges and making 2019 a year full of reasons to be closer to our customers. Every beginning of a new year, […]