Adriana Rocha talks about what the market can expect from eCGlobal for the year in 2019

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12 de February de 2019
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Adriana Rocha talks about what the market can expect from eCGlobal for the year in 2019

The digital transformation is a reality.The speed of information, the consumer increasingly connected and provided with information are factors that mark the need for change in the area of ​​Market Research.The availability of these data for brands is essential for assertiveness . In the following interview, Adriana Rocha, CEO of eCGlobal Research Solutions, talks about the future of the Market Research industry, how we are preparing to embrace it, and acting increasingly closer to the brands.

eC – How do you believe the future of Market Research will be with all these changes happening?
Adriana – I think the future will demand that Market Research be able to respond faster and that technology become an integral part of the process. The technology will be a facilitating tool and will help us to have new types of insights, as we can see in the online communities how easy it is to aproximate consumers with the marketing teams, bringing the consumers close to the companies, reducing costs and deadlines, being able to do more with less . Technology will be an ally of market research, and we’ll continue to see the growth of automation. Technology will have the role of automating even the analysis process, with artificial intelligence, machine learning, but all of these will require the researcher to continue having the ability to interpret the data, tell stories and synthesize, understanding human behavior.

eC – How is eCGlobal preparing for the future of market research?
Adriana – eCGlobal has innovation in our DNA. We have always been ahead, in the sense of seeking news, develop our own tools and platforms. And we will continue with our commitment to innovate, continue investing heavily and, especially, listening and co-creating with our customers. So in the future we see these processes evolving our products and services and becoming closer to our customers. eCGlobal has, over the years, been doing all this process of market education, showing why it is so important to adopt new technologies. We have pioneered the introduction of many new tools and methodologies. So as future, we will remain very committed to being close to our customers and helping them to innovate their research practices. eC – 2019 has begun, the engines are already on. What’s your guess for companies that work with data and market research for this year? Adriana – To grow, they will need to be more agile, do more with less. They will need to seek differentiation through intelligence, analytical models and focus on specific niches, methodologies and tools.


We have been able to reinvent ourselves and continue to evolve every year thanks to an ongoing process of innovation.
Adriana Rocha, eCGlobal Solutions Research CEO


eC – How is eCGlobal preparing to stand out in this scenario?
Adriana – Investing in proprietary products and technologies, strengthening our team, and, above all, listening and learning with our clients.

eC – eCGlobal already has more than 15 years of history, how has it been getting better over the years?
Adriana – We have been able to reinvent ourselves and continue to evolve every year thanks to an ongoing process of innovation. We do not follow trends, following what is “fashionable”, but we get ahead of the competition and each year we launch new products, or quickly make decisions to discontinue or improve those that already exist.

eC – eCGlobal is always promoting actions and events to talk to the market and share experiences. What have you planned for this year?
Adriana – In the month of April, we will be participating in the ESOMAR Latin America conference, which this year will be in São Paulo, Brazil. Throughout the year, we will continue with our bimonthly webinars program, and we will be attending other major industry conferences in Brazil, the United States and Europe.

eC – And what can the market and customers expect from eCGlobal to 2019?
Adriana – Commitment to results, quality, agility and partnership to help them navigate these times of great changes and evolution of the market research industry.