Alldience: innovation in audience measurement and media consumption across multiplatforms.

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Alldience: innovation in audience measurement and media consumption across multiplatforms.

Audience measurement has been overdue for change for some time. New video content distribution platforms and increasing fragmentation, on FTA (free-to-air) TV, pay-TV, OTT, VOD, YouTube, social networks, etc., greatly complicates channels’ and advertisers’ needfor relevant data about their audiences and performance of their media campaigns.

That’s why eCGlobal Research Solutions, a market research company specialized in consumer intelligence for more than 14 years, in partnership with Immetrica, a specialist in the engineering of audience measurement systems with more than three decades of experience, have put together their expertise to offer to the market an innovative solution capable of measuring the consumption of multiplatform media content. Alldience, a system developed in this partnership, shows a strong ability to measure multiplatform content consumption, going well beyond other offerings on the market.

A pilot study, conducted in Brazil between September 2018 and February 2019, revealed, among other findings, that the ability to measure media consumption through a mobile application installed on viewers’ smartphones yields very reliable data, which closely resemble existing data sources where expected to do so, but also improve on them in areas previously difficult or impossible to measure. “We are committed to working with channels, agencies and advertisers to develop a holistic media consumption measurement solution that brings understanding of the target audience and measures the performance of multiplatform campaigns, delivering performance indicators for brands and performance impact of sales,” said Adriana Rocha, CEO of eCGlobal.

How Alldience works
Alldience uses a mobile application that measures, in a continuous and passive way, the integrated consumption of TV and multiplatform advertising on any device — FTA and pay-TV, analog and digital, DVR, streaming / VOD / OTT services (both independent and channel-related), mobile, YouTube, social media, other websites,at-home and out-of-home, etc.

The solution turns an ordinary smartphone into a “Smart People Meter”, identifying the consumption of audiovisual content, anywhere, anytime. Using advanced Automated Content Recognition (ACR) technology, the app uses fingerprinting and watermarking to recognize content and identify the content, whether it was timeshifted, and optionally (with client cooperation) the means by which it reached the viewer.

In this way, Alldience identifies and analyses the viewing of a specific channel, TV show or advertisement impacted by the consumer. This system is integrated into a more holistic solution by capturing opinions and feelings about the content consumed, such as recall, knowledge, brand affinity, prestige and purchase intent, delivering complete audience profile information.

Alldience’s unique proposition is to be able to measure the consumption of content — TV programming, videos and ads — on various platforms, quickly and efficiently, in the home, and outside the home, in addition to cross-referencing consumer profiles, by habits, attitudes, product ownership, interests and other segments that go far beyond sociodemographic data. Alldience enables you to calculate ROI for investment in audio or video advertising, which can be refined thanks to the wealth of media usage, social media, and consumer data available regarding sample members. New campaigns can be planned more effectively by identifying media with greater affinity and better CPM for the target audience”, said Boris Levitan, CEO of Immetrica.

Alldience measures all platforms, and produces individual results, unlike the smart TV and RPD data sources that have appeared in some countries, which measure only some devices (usually a minority), are projectable only to a flat universe of these devices and not to individuals or even households, and are at best equipped with only tenuously attributed household-level demographics.

About the pilot study
Between September 2018 and February 2019, more than 1,400 users invited to install Alldience on their smartphones and their viewing of monitored 27 channels, representing around 60% of viewing in the country, as well as more than 100 ads (creatives), was collected and processed. The sample was recruited from eCGlobal’s digital panel, one of the largest and most qualified consumer panels in Latin America, with more than 1 million opt-in members. The sample consisted of people between the ages of 24 and 44, Brazilians belonging to generation X and Y — the range of individuals with a strong relationship with digital and with a strong connection with technology, belonging to the economic class A / B / C (the three wealthiest of the five classes in Brazil’s classification, the ones of interest to most advertisers), residing mostly in cities (mostly capitals and metropolitan areas). 81% had pay-TV subscriptions.

The app generated data for ACR matching even when the smartphone was in standby mode and as soon as the smartphone was reactivated, the data was sent to our servers, where the content was identified. The app also returned test data on the platform on which the content was consumed, permitting us to ensure that the two data streams worked well with each other, and that we could identify even platforms using degraded audio and low-pass filters, such as YouTube. When the phone restarted for any reason, the app automatically relaunched. The app’s resilience has permitted us to reach a very high cooperation rate, in which most sample devices returned data for 20 or more hours per day.

Key findings
The pilot study has shown that data captured through Alldience over six months are consistent and robust, producing audience curves very similar to those provided by the currency ratings source in the country — where direct comparison is possible.

Data analysis, whose main objective was to evaluate the potential of the platform, has shown us that the major Brazilian television broadcasters’ share of the market varies as expected byplatform. Rede Globo de Televisão, for example, is an audience leader, especially in primetime (7:00 pm–midnight in Brazil), and of course does substantially better with viewers without pay-TV. SBT and TV Record alternate in second and third place by daypart.

For pay-TV, Alldience indicated a higher overall consumption from morning to late afternoon, with variations depending on the channel genre and daypart. Films and series, for example, have larger audiences on weekends, while other channels such as GNT, Multishow, AXN vary throughout the week (the study performed a comparative analysis among channels devoted tovariety, movies, documentaries, sports, home).

Alldience also identified the high consumption of streaming services. With digital transition complete in Mexico and Brazil, pay-TV penetration has dropped markedly (more than in the US and much more than in Europe), and is being replaced with terrestrial and streaming. With Netflix alone, we identified that 38% of participants consume streaming content on primetime over the weekend with more than 1,000 interviews conducted.Even among the ads we studied in detail — creatives developed mainly for conventional TVplayout — some 12% of viewings appear to have come from new-technology platforms.

Other more detailed and comparative results were drawn from this pilot study. One of the main suggestions, however, is what has been shown by indirect data, such as penetration rates and time spent: that there is an already sizable and growing audience that is not yet measured and that is extremely relevant in the current market scenario.

Interested in the results of this study? Want to know more information about it? Contact us and learn more about this tool and more detailed results of the presented pilot.