4 de November de 2019

In times of digital transformation, printed books are still part of the consumer culture of LATAM

The reading experience, in addition to learning, provides an exercise for creativity. We seek to discover the relationship of consumers with books by conducting a survey […]
4 de November de 2019

Netflix: original contents in Spanish conquer the Latin consumer.

Streaming platforms are currently striving to create new content so that the public can identify with themes related to their environment, whether by cultural expressions, history […]
4 de November de 2019

The Latin American consumer behavior during summer vacation

Warm weather and the opportunity to enjoy the beaches most of the year. This is the Latin America residents scenario. To better understand the region’s consumption […]
4 de November de 2019

Net Love Score: The indicator that measures the love between consumer and brands.

Consumer behavior and all the transformations proposed by its influences govern the market. The study, which elects Brazil’s Most Loved Brands, is conducted to identify the […]
30 de September de 2019

eCGlobal conducts study to elect the most loved brands in Brazil in 2019

What factors determine the relationship between the consumer and a brand? How is this relationship built to the point where it becomes a feeling very high […]
30 de September de 2019 consumers reveal the most favored segments in the spring.

September brings the spring season. People are more susceptible to get healthier, taking walks in the parks and going to the beach, as well as starting […]
28 de August de 2019

Survey: Consumers reveal their Vision and Expectations for

Committed with the satisfaction of our consumers, we developed a perception survey to find out what their vision and expectations are about the evolution of […]
22 de July de 2019

The new media landscape and the evolution of the Coca-Cola consumer buying journey

The consumer decision journey is full of micro-moments with brands. The study by eCGlobal Research Solutions aims to help Coca-Cola’s marketing team measure cross-platform media campaigns, […]