Consumers of create, in a collaborative way, the concept of conscious consumption

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12 de April de 2019
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Consumers of create, in a collaborative way, the concept of conscious consumption

The month of March was marked by a very important date for the market research segment, consumer day. In a period that we talk about and discuss the importance of having a conscious consumption, the need to think about the impacts of the consumption in people’s lives and in society, we feel that the concept of conscious consumption is still very variable and has several points of view.

Therefore, we think that the best people to define this concept would be the consumers themselves. Why not? We asked them to together, collaboratively, create the concept of Conscious Consumption, thinking about various aspects of consumption in their lives. We have the help of the consumers of our network, who together gave us insights to think about in the application about what it is to be conscious in the act of consuming.

Research data

We asked our consumers: What is conscious consumption for you? According to consumers of the social network, the concept of conscious consumption has two major relationships.

Behind the idea of ​​conscious consumption, there is a financial awareness: buy what you need, if you can afford it and preferably save money. Our consumers understand that conscious consumption is a modern attitude about what and why to buy, without impulse spending.

Sustainability is another point that has strong relation with the concept of conscious consumption. In their view, consumption must exist along with respect for preserving and respecting the environment, reusing and not wasting natural resources, worrying about the impact on the planet and the community, especially on the well-being of future generations. There is a search for brands that value environmental preservation and carry out actions with this purpose – they cite an identificate by these ideals, by companies that favor socio-environmental relations, creating products that offer durability and offer the correct disposal.

In general, if we could deliver a concept, from the perspective of consumers, we could summarize in:

Conscious consumption is having critical awareness, thinking about the collective, being sustainable and being committed to actions for the future.

We came to this, with the participation of more than 663 consumers, who together, shared their opinion and consumer experiences. A network that has shown us that consumption is part of daily life, that is inserted in the routine and that goes well beyond going to a point of sale choose, buy and take something home. These more than 1 million consumers who are part of our panel, encourages us every day to think of innovative models to understand the phenomenon of consumption.