eCGlobal and Itaú present how innovative Market Research technologies are shaping the future of banking services

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eCGlobal and Itaú present how innovative Market Research technologies are shaping the future of banking services

The presentation will happen at TMRE In Focus Conference, on May 09th in Chicago, and will address how Itaú Bank combines agile digital market research and valuable insights for the future of banking services.

Adriana Rocha, CEO of eCGlobal, will present the Lab Canais Digitais success case, along with Cláudia Furniel and Rodrigo Santos from the Market Research team of Itaú Bank, bringing the main insights and learnings from the project, as well as how eCGlobal’s proprietary technology helps Itaú to innovate for the future of banking services.


Itaú is the largest private bank in Brazil with more than 90 years of history and 57 millions of clients. Nowadays it is present in over 19 countries with more than 5 thousand agencies and almost 90 thousand employees. In 2017, it was elected by Interbrand Ranking as the most valuable Brazilian brand, a status that Itaú maintains since 2010.
In the last years, Itaú has also become the largest digital bank in Brazil. In order to keep this status in the future, Itaú focus its efforts with the goal of improving client’s experience through mobile channels and internet banking.


Lab Canais Digitais Itaú: Insight Communties

For Lab Canais Digitais project, eCGlobal and the Market research team from Itaú Bank have created digital insight communities replicating the online laboratory environment which consumers participate on all sorts of continuous studies in a fast pace. eCGlobal, which is responsible for the technology, has expertise in working with online insight communities, building a diversity of success cases in Latin America, among other large clients, such as HBO and Globo TV.

Itaú online communities rely on gamification strategies but also social media functionalities and market research tools. This environment stimulates social media experience besides promoting high levels of engagement and allowing the participants to feel comfortable to express their ideas.


Communities are segmented according to the profile of the client and Itaú talks about the role of the banking services on people’s life, listening to what they have to say about its projects, discussing and helping co-create its products and services.

The project is visionary and inspires everyone around building a collective sense of belonging and collaboration through themes that can be very abstract for banking services. The initiative will help format market research studies and digital products to be developed in the near future.


About the event, TMRE in Focus

TMRE in Focus is an insights event focused on discussing new Technologies and its applicability to the Market research industry.

eCGlobal and Itaú’s presentation will happen on May 09th from 11AM to 11:30AM.
What? TMRE in Focus – The Market Research Event
When? From 7th to 9th of May 2018
Where? Kimpton Gray Hotel, Chicago, IL, USA.