eCGlobal and TV Globo have shared in an exclusive interview for ESOMAR Latin America 2017 Congress about the online community case Conversa Globo

eCGlobal and TV Globo will present their online community case “Conversa Globo” at the ESOMAR Latin America 2017 event.
31 de March de 2017
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eCGlobal and TV Globo have shared in an exclusive interview for ESOMAR Latin America 2017 Congress about the online community case Conversa Globo

Adriana Rocha, CEO and Co-Founder of eCGlobal, and Ana Frias, viewer care supervisor of TV Globo, have shared in an exclusive interview for ESOMAR Latin America 2017 Congress about the online community case Conversa Globo, built to generate insights and promote and relationship with soup opera viewers.

The interview of Adriana Rocha and  Ana Frias shows the potential of online communities as an insights and consumer care tool. Besides being a direct consumer care channel, an online community offers many tools that allow comprehending the behavior of consumers in its most spontaneous moments, in a exclusive environment for talking about your brand and products, what does not happen in social media.

Exclusive Interview for ESOMAR Latin America 2017:

[Adriana Rocha] Why build an Online Community of “Noveleiros”?

[Ana Frias] We decide to build an exclusive platform to our public that loves to speak about soap operas, we would like to create a different experience of the conversations that we already have been making in social media or by e-mail for years. And how can we do it? Well, the soap operas are one of the most popular programs with excellent audiences rating and we have a great structure of production in studios in Rio de Janeiro. We produce every day the equivalent a four films. So it is really important for us to find out what they are saying about our programs and also who they are. Millions of Brazilians love soap operas, the characters and plots. We have some examples that the last episode stopped the country with millions of people paralyzed in front of TV and other screens, like Avenida Brasil, which was nominated for International Emmy. So, Globo Community born with this proposal: to be a place to amplify the conversation and the relationship with our fans, that loves soap operas, those who are called “noveleiros”.

[AR] When did you start building it and how big is it now?

[AF] We are happy to say the platform Globo Community just completed one year old in March. Today, we have almost eight thousands members. At the beginning, what most impressed us was the strong engagement of these fans. We can say that some people stay on line, in the community, the whole day just to participate and comment. Of course, the stories are presented every day and it stimulates a spontaneous conversation between the members. The platform is the real place where we can observe and hear this talk between these fans, most of time, without our interference. It is a conversation of many to many and not only the brand to one person. (Pierre Levy?!)

[AR] What is the main message you use to attract new community members? And how do you engage them?

[AF] Every day, almost one thousand people talk to Globo to ask some information, to make a suggestion to journalism, to congratulate or criticize a program, so these fans demonstrate spontaneously the initiative to comment our products. And Globo created a huge data base with more than three million members and a lot information about them. So, we prefer to invite this group to be the first one to know about the community. The main message to attract people is an exclusive area to participate with others that love soap opera too. It is impressive… They become friends after a while and they create a friendship with each other. We believe that good quality of product and special content are essential to engage any community. Gamification is also an important part, so our main prize is a visit in our studios in Rio, a dream for many people in Brazil. Because of this, members are really competitive. Other action, that we start this year, is when the author answers questions of member’s community about characters or some details of plot. They really love it… This kind of activity show to them how their opinion and questions are listened for those who create the stories. Sometimes, they thought: My God, she or he really read my question and answered me… Yes, they did.

[AR] It seems interesting how you have used gamification as part of the engagement strategy. Can you elaborate more on that and its benefits?

[AF] Yes, ecglobal helped us with their experience to create a very good strategy of gamification. Nowadays, members answer some questions about the programs to gain points, represented by our coin in the community: Globinho (little Globo, in Portuguese)! After three months, the top ranking members were invited to visit Globo’s Studio. My God, they got crazy with this prize and they fight for each point. After our experience in this first year, we understand that the prize could not be the main aspect of this community and we changed our strategy. The gamification is a part of the dynamic, but could not be more important than content. Other important point is that all activities have to be connected with currently TV content so they can react about what they watched moments earlier.

[AR] What types of tools have you used to gather insights and collect feedback from the community members? (eg: mini-activities, online discussion groups, ongoing feed of conversations)

[AF] The most important thing is the fan’s speech, what they are saying about our programs, what is the insight of our fans when they get involved with a scene or an episode. We use specific tools like as mini-activities, discussion groups and, when we have a premiere chapter, we get the real time impressions of our fans. And they really like participate because they have the sensation that the brand is hearing them and we really are. This perception is so important because it can indicate some tendencies of public behavior, or what is positive or negative in the plot.

[AR] What types of outputs do you have? Reports? Dashboards?

[AF] eCGlobal team helps us to prepare a specific report focusing on the program or an action that we produce to engage the fans in the community. This type of information helps us to understand better what the public expect from the productions, creating for us a historical of perceptions about the stories and the characters that has an emotional approach or are successful in the programming grid.

[AR] What is the feedback you have from community members?

[AF] They enjoy to be part of our community, they love the opportunity that Globo opens this area just for them talk freely about our products and have a conversation with them. You need to answer them with credibility, transparency and create a connection to talk to someone that is really close to you. Our fans want to be listened and we are here to do it.

[AR] How is the community helping Globo improve its products and services?

[AF] In many aspects, they help us to know about what is working or not in some programs, they help us to create some relationship actions about what they are talking and, many times, they indicates what is the most successful or not too. Because fans have a strong connection with brand, but they criticize too, and when do that, they generally speak with more property than a common viewer. We learn a lot with our fans and our exercise now is how we will take this speech filtered, organized and analyzed. Then, we share this important data to the productions, directors and authors.

[AR] What is your recommendation for others wanting to build engaging communities?

[AF] I think any community can be an important area to understand brand’s consumers, because you have direct access the spontaneous speech of your public and you can also ask for some detail of a specific product. Different from social media, you create even more intimacy with your fans there; you can also offer some special experiences to your clients. My recommendation is about the gamification that never can be more important than content, a good conversation is essential and vital to have a good result too. The rules of community have to be clear and direct and all doubts should be answered. And of course, we have to learn a lot with opportunities on this platform and keep eyes and heart opened for our fan’s speech.


ESOMAR Latin America 2017 happened at Mexico City between the days of april 4th and 7th, bringing a series of insights for researchers and big companies of the field. ESOMAR Latin America 2017 talked about themes such as: consumer decision making process, trends, using data for generating insights, social media, artificial intelligence, communication, neuromarketing and revolutionary approaches.