consumers reveal the most favored segments in the spring.

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28 de August de 2019
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30 de September de 2019
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September brings the spring season. People are more susceptible to get healthier, taking walks in the parks and going to the beach, as well as starting a physical activity and wearing lighter clothes, enjoying the warmer weather. This demonstrates seasonal consumer behavior at this time of the year. To better understand it, we launched a survey for participants to identify consumer trends over the period.

We asked if, with the arrival of spring, people feel the need to “renew” the wardrobe. 81% of people said yes. Of this segment, 66% are women. We realize that digital influencers are on the rise, as 55% of consumers consider them as a reference when choosing clothes.

Still on fashion, the digital presence of brands on Instagram makes a difference when it comes to inspiring and influencing buying decisions. However, we have an important data regarding e-commerce: 47% of people still do not trust buying online.

The physical department stores are preferred by consumers. Here is an interesting price comparison:

Highest Price – Zara (48%)

Fairest Price – C&A (31%)

Lowest Price – Marisa (38%)

So, we decided to approach other nuances and found that, in terms of variety and beauty, C&A was the most voted, with 32% and 25%, respectively. Regarding quality, Renner received 26% of the votes, reaching first place.

Another segment that has a marked growth is the well-being. More than half of respondents seek body care at this time, either through gyms or diet. For those looking to move their body, 49% prefer bodybuilding and 33% choose to jogging. It is therefore an opportunity for promotions and sporting goods stores. After all, for our social network participants, the best store is Netshoes, followed by Centauro.

About healthy eating, a segment that turns out to be lucrative, as 87% of people believe they spend more to have a better diet. Even the average ticket they are willing to invest is between 200 and 300 reais, according to 37% of respondents.

Sample data: 779 responses, 61% Women, 25-34 years old.