eCGlobal conducts study to elect the most loved brands in Brazil in 2019 consumers reveal the most favored segments in the spring.
30 de September de 2019
Net Love Score: The indicator that measures the love between consumer and brands.
4 de November de 2019
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eCGlobal conducts study to elect the most loved brands in Brazil in 2019

What factors determine the relationship between the consumer and a brand? How is this relationship built to the point where it becomes a feeling very high to be achieved and so strong to overcome? How is an influencer, a brand advocate born? eCGlobal Research Solutions, a market research firm for over 15 years, and an expert in consumer intelligence, was chosen by Grupo Padrão, a company focused on the corporate public, with a portfolio of industry leading events and services of qualified information, to provide data and insights that elected Brazil’s Most Loved Brands, 2019 edition.

Pioneer in launching a Social Network in 2006,, offers to its users:

Connection and interaction between participants; Spontaneous sharing of interests; Brand and product information; Collaboration for the development of new products for the market;

And for the brands:

Direct relationship with engaged participants through a Premium Community; Perceptions and expectations about brand reputation and its products; Collection of insights from highly segmented consumer profiles; Identification of trends and consumption habits; Co-creation of new products and services with the users, increasing their competitiveness;

We identified factors such as love intensity, loyalty and brand preference, which made it possible to create an indicator, the NLS (Net Love Score).

The disclosure of the most loved brands in Brazil will be held on October 8th, from 8:30 am to 12 noon, at the Hilton Hotel in Sao Paulo.