eCGlobal launches a new version of consumer social networking app

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9 de May de 2019
The new media landscape and the evolution of the Coca-Cola consumer buying journey
22 de July de 2019
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eCGlobal launches a new version of consumer social networking app

Focused on innovating, we are constantly looking for innovations for eCGlobal panelists and customers. Market monitoring and evaluation of new features are part of the daily life of eClabs, our market research innovation and technology division.

Our deployments and enhancements have been developed with a focus on broadening and engaging the customer experience. So, let’s talk about innovations? The new version of our consumer social networking app features a smarter, friendly user experience. Speaking of usability, we present a new distribution of Communities as channels, providing more prominence and visibility. Also there is the new battlefield section, which has been completely revamped to provide participants with different experiences. And finally, we have an updated search feature, adding greater agility to searches on the network.

Find out how to answer surveys interactively and contribute to brand evolution. There are many possibilities for your opinion to make a difference.

Download the app on Google Play where you find the version available for Android.