eCGlobal: Our 10 years of Innovation in Technology for Market Research and Consumer Relationship

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17 de April de 2017
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eCGlobal: Our 10 years of Innovation in Technology for Market Research and Consumer Relationship

We were born in 2016 and since then we evolve continuously, bringing smart and innovative solutions for the Market Research and Consumer Insights Industry. From the development of one the largest and most well qualified Online Panels in Latin America to gamified Online Communities with high engagement, eCGlobal has been appraised on the market for the last 10 years.

eCGlobal was born in 2006 as an online panel and applied technology company for market research. Since we founded the company our vision was that market research online panels needed to evolve from simple respondent data banks to online communities, absorbing social and collaborative elements. We didn’t want passive respondents, just waiting invitations for participating on researches. We wanted our users to become the protagonists on the generation of insights and continuous feedback to the brands and companies that want to understand them and to attend them.

By that time there were no social media like we know today, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ou SnapChat.

eCGlobal was a pioneer in launching the first social network for market research

In 2006, or online portal already allowed our users to communicate through forums and tools where they could interact with each other, like sending questions to other users or participate on trivias and competitions. The component “fun” was always something very important to us. We wanted the experience of people with eCGlobal and the researches and activities we offer to be always rewarding and pleasant.

So we continued searching for a different and innovative experience for consumers while they participate on market research. From year to year, eCGlobal continued innovating, developing new applications and at the same time building a trust-based relationship with the main market research agencies in the world! eCGlobal 10 years.


About eCLabs: Our technology and innovation branch.

Why eCLabs?
In 2014, eCGlobal decided to create its own innovation branch: eCGlobal Labs, or just eCLabs. eCLabs was created in an effort for the company to continue innovating, launching new applications on the market and working with a start-up spirit.

Among the products that emerged from eCLabs we’ve got eCInstant, eCForce and OpinionsApp as examples of applications that have been gaining more and more focus and have won the attention of international and national clients in the market research, marketing and consumer care industry. Among our corporative clients that have already used our technology there are: TV Globo, Danone, P&G, Avon, HBO, DIRECTV, Banco Itaú, among others.

About the future of eCGlobal Online Panels

The services and online panels division for market research named as eCGlobal Solutions (, continuous focused in providing quality professional services for the market research industry and maintaining one of the largest and most well qualified research panels in Latin America, with over 1.5 million registered participants along the last years.

What is coming out of the oven of eCLabs?

eCLabs has just launched its most ambitious project, version 2.0: a social network full of engaged and ready to operate about brands and products consumers. The project has a strong gamification strategy, bringing game elements to change user’s experience into something fun and pleasant.

Gamification happens when we bring game elements to new contexts, in order to make user’s experience more rich and fun, transforming activities considered uninteresting or tiring into something pleasant, that brings participants together and engages them. Gamification is our “key strategy” to optimize results for the Market Research Industry.– Adriana Rocha, CEO e Cofounder of eCGlobal

Basic game language is broadly known by internet users, what makes user’s surfing and understanding process easier when it comes to which actions should be taken by users on the platform. On our members are highly engaged panelists with very strong opinions..

Our platform empowers consumers so they participate, collaborate and share opinions about brands and products,exchanging information and helping other consumers making better decisions. All this interaction is so great when it comes to data value, that is already transformed into valuable insights so that the companies and brands offer better services and products. – Adriana Rocha, CEO e Cofounder of eCGlobal has the appearence and advanced functionalities of a social network, allowing the members to connect, discuss and interact with its content. The gamification strategy makes the experience extremely fun and that also impacts in the way research is done: through mini surveys, structured surveys, battles between brands and products, also themed communities that generate comments and discussions for qualitative analysis related to the theme.

Brands are already embracing the new, just for signing in for the use of data in online communities or even creating its own private community. We have examples such as the Beleza na Terceira Idade community, that discusses how women over the age of 55 take care of its own beauty and what consuming behavior they have around this theme. Besides that we have other communities specifically created for the automotive segment, telecommunications and mothers.