International Research and Insights Day: How do data make the difference for the consumer?

Consumers of create, in a collaborative way, the concept of conscious consumption
24 de April de 2019
IIEX-NA: the SXSW of Market Research?
3 de May de 2019
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International Research and Insights Day: How do data make the difference for the consumer?

Today is International Research and Insights Day and we highlight how information makes a difference in our lives. Because diversity, behavior, culture and belief make people unique to the point of having the necessity to understand them and build models to collect information about them. Also, how all these data become big projects, innovative communication models and new products. Therefore, in this important day for the industry, the question is: What would life be like without research that generate insights?

It is the insights that move the world, and market research plays an important role in this process. In times of personalization by consumers and the pursuit for market prominence by companies, the major turning point of the research was to abandon the idea that all consumers were equal and regardless of gender, age or geographical location, had the same yearnings and desires of consumption. Without research, we would never get where we arrived today, and certainly we would not have abandoned the idea that consumption is the same for everyone. That is, nothing matches the world we live in today, and certainly data are responsible for these transformations.

To work without data today is to act in the dark, is not to leave the common place, not to have new ideas, not to be a transforming agent. The key areas of the commercial process (Marketing, Management, Research and Development) have in this resource a world of possibilities: new businesses, new models to relate to their consumers, differentiated dialogues with the market itself and stand out with differentiated products and services . And for us professionals in the field of Market Research, it is this great responsibility to be the intermediary between brands and consumers. For us who collect data, we design the best methods to approach the consumer, we’re proud to know that we deliver much more than information, but knowledge .

Today, we want to congratulate the market research professional in this scenario of rapid transformations, where consumer behavior changes at all times. Congratulations, researchers! May we continue with this commendable mission of generating knowledge and bringing together brands and consumers.