Mobile application OpinionsApp is selected to the Startup Alpha Web Summit 2015

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15 de September de 2015
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Mobile application OpinionsApp is selected to the Startup Alpha Web Summit 2015

OpinionsApp, our mobile app that wants to empower people’s opinions and measure their influence, has been selected to the Startup Alpha Web Summit 2015, which will take place on November 3-5 in Dublin.

Web Summit can be considered one of the largest technology startup conferences in the world, hosting more than 22 thousand people from over 110 countries. It has witnessed the birth of great startups, such as UBER, Vine, Dropbox, among others.

OpinionsApp: An Innovate Way to Understand the Connected Consumer

Publicidade_Face_600x600_googleplay_appstore_iphoneOpinionsApp is a gamified app, which aims to help people share their opinions and measure the impact they have on other people and organizations around the world, creating a social and fun environment. Launched in late 2014, OpinionsApp will be coming out of the beta phase soon, but so far, it has proven to be a tool with high potential for engagement and insights generation.

The app was conceived due to the need to create a new engaging experience for people to express their opinions, anytime and anywhere, helping brands and other people make smarter decisions.The app will consider support upcoming mobiles and tablets.

For consumers, the app creates a social and fun way to exchange opinions and  measure the potential to influence others, through the OpinionScore, a patent pending algorithm that measures the power of someone’s opinions. 

For businesses, OpinionsApp offers an innovative way to understand today’s consumers and get rich and in-the-moment insights. The white lable version of the app allows brands to build their own mobile communities, collaborate, co-create and interact with users through the noblest space you could ever ask:  their smartphones.

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