Net Love Score: The indicator that measures the love between consumer and brands.

eCGlobal conducts study to elect the most loved brands in Brazil in 2019
30 de September de 2019
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Net Love Score: The indicator that measures the love between consumer and brands.

Consumer behavior and all the transformations proposed by its influences govern the market. The study, which elects Brazil’s Most Loved Brands, is conducted to identify the brands which Brazilian consumers create such strong bonds with, compared to love.

For the 2019 edition, Grupo Padrão chose eCGlobal Research Solutions, a pioneer in launching a social network that aims to listen and understand consumers, based on their opinions and consumer experiences,, making use of agile marketing intelligence to coordinate and execute market research, providing data and insights, and thus, elect the most loved brands in Brazil.

About the study

More than 2,000 interviews with men and women, ages 18 to 54, from social economic classes A, B and C, were conducted in all regions of the country. Each respondent evaluated an average of four to five categories of the nine included in the study, which comprise 37 market segments.

An exclusive indicator was created by Adriana Rocha, CEO of eCGlobal Research Solutions, the Net Love Score (NLS). Its calculation, which can range from -100 to +200 points, is based on the following criteria:

Intensity of love:
Preference between brands:

In addition to the NLS, a qualitative 28-factor impact analysis was performed, in which respondents scored from 0 to 10, such as:

It is a brand that suits me;
It is a brand that is part of my life;
It’s a brand that I follow.

From this information, we understand how the connection between consumer and brand is built, and identify when the consumer start loving a product, the weight of this love on the purchase journey and how it can influence even other generations. Therefore, companies whose values are respect, quality, inspiring attitude and sincerity, are those that project themselves to the public, innovating and inserting themselves in people’s lives.

The 10 Most Loved Brands in Brazil are:

The most loved brand in Brazil, according to the global ranking is Nestlé.
The most loved brands by segment are:
Food – Meat and Meat Products: Sadia
Food – Dairy Products: Parmalat
Food – Snacks: Doritos
Hospitality Apps:
Mobility Apps: Uber
Sporting Goods: Nike
Cars: Fiat
Banks: Itaú
Digital Banks: Nubank
Credit Cards: Visa
Beverages – Beers: Heineken
Beverages – Soft Drinks: Coca-Cola
Footwear: Havaianas
Mobile Phones: Samsung
Chocolates: Nestlé
Airlines: Latam
Builders and Developers: Cyrela
Cosmetics: O Boticário
e-Commerce: Americanas
Appliances: Samsung

Pharmacies: Ultrafarma
Fast Food: McDonald’s
Fintechs: Mercado Pago
Supermarket: Carrefour
Department Stores – Apparel: C&A
Motorcycles: Honda
Notebooks: Samsung
Broadband Operator: Vivo
Mobile Operator: Vivo
Investment Platform: Rico
Internet Portals: G1
Gas Stations: Ipiranga
Social Networks: Whatsapp
Auto Insurance: Itaú
Insurance and Health Plans: Porto Seguro
Streaming Services: Netflix
Subscription TV: Sky

“As human beings, we make many decisions in our daily lives emotionally, most often unconsciously. Thus, cultivating the emotional bond with the consumer, and strengthening brand love is of great importance at the time of the purchase decision. It is noteworthy that the weight of this emotional bond in the buying decision may vary from category to category. For example, the “Chocolates” category has far higher Net Love Scores than categories like Mobile Operators, or Banks. ”Adriana Rocha – CEO of eCGlobal Research Solutions

Love Drivers

According to the analyzes that showed the motivations that create and strengthen this feeling, to the point that a brand becomes indispensable in your life, we have:

Quality is essential: No matter how creative the brand is in working its channels to be closer to its audience, a bad product can compromise the relationship.
Credibility: This is the second major consumer concern. While for long-established and consolidated companies often offer a better support structure, smaller companies need to address this challenge and develop trust.
A long-term relationship: The consumer usually chooses companies that have longer life, longer time in the market and, consequently, remain relevant, launching new products, which makes their loyalty more favorable.
Satisfied Customer: Achieving customer satisfaction provides the strengthening of the relationship. It is even one of the most important factors for the customer to return for a new purchase and refer others. Greater role for the consumer:
Beyond consuming, the customer wants to participate more actively in the creation of products / services. This is a great opportunity for brands as a competitive differentiator.

We understand that the link between consumer and brand is a bond far beyond trust. There are several micro moments from advertising, whether commercial or by recommendation, through the entire buying process, until that demand is renewed. And it is exactly at this moment that the stage of feeling can be identified from the perspective of the consumer, from the real experience.

At the same time, some scenarios can be highlighted: the most loved brands, the indifferent brands and the disapproved ones. eCGlobal offers this consulting role through insights collected, helping to evaluate impacts, understand causes, and create performance indicators so that companies can turn them into opportunities and stay in the market with a competitive edge.

For more information, visit Brazil’s Most Loved Brands Project website.