Netflix: original contents in Spanish conquer the Latin consumer.

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4 de November de 2019
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4 de November de 2019
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Netflix: original contents in Spanish conquer the Latin consumer.

Streaming platforms are currently striving to create new content so that the public can identify with themes related to their environment, whether by cultural expressions, history or even their own language, focusing on the creation of content in the Spanish language. We seek to understand the perception of participants about this initiative.

Regarding the programming genre that most attracts attention, we have series (44%), followed by films (38%). The streaming service has appealed to consumers, so most follow at least two to three series. When we ask where they are usually consumed, Netflix comes first with 56% of the respondents, while Pay-TV has 23% of the preference.

About the service that offers the best content catalog in Spanish, Netflix is the leader with 69% of the respondents. We asked about genre preference and got a ranking: thriller (57%), action (53%), drama (38%), romance (26%), horror (26%) and historical (24%). About watching dubbed or in the original language, both options appeal to the public.

The Latin American original series has a guaranteed audience. The Spanish series conquer 68% of the respondents, being 42% on the theme death and mystery.

About the most watched Latin series, we have:
La Reina del Sur – 40%
Pablo Escobar: Patrón del Mal – 39%
La Casa de las Flores – 39%
El Chapo – 37%
Club de Cuervos – 34%
Luis Miguel: La serie – 33%
Rosario Tijeras – 30%
Sin Senos no hay Paraíso – 23%

About the most watched Spanish series, we have:
La Casa de Papel – 57%
Las Chicas del Cable – 36%
Gran Hotel – 30%
El Internado – 30%
Velvet – 18%

We understand that Netflix is staying strong in the market as people are determined in their preference. Even with HBO as a strong competitor with original content, “La Casa de Papel” has become more attractive by exploring the Spanish and Latin languages.