Online Communities: A simple solution for talking to targeted consumer groups

In 2019, Market Research will have to deliver as successful Startups: faster, cheaper, and way better.
11 de February de 2019
Adriana Rocha talks about what the market can expect from eCGlobal for the year in 2019
12 de February de 2019
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Online Communities: A simple solution for talking to targeted consumer groups

Market Research is often viewed as a time-consuming application for the respondents, creating an idea of ​​boring, old-fashioned methodology. Online communities, heavily influenced by social networks and the idea of ​​sharing group ideas, create an environment of proximity and dialogue with consumers, allowing the development of various types of activities and research studies.

The adoption of communities in market research has become crucial, providing a space where multiple companies use the platform to gain insights through listening, engaging, and promoting conversations. In terms of cost-benefit, the use of online communities becomes positive, since the cost of obtaining data in a continuous period of time proves to be much cheaper when compared with the development of ad hoc studies.

The eCGlobal Solutions is a pioneer in online community development., our network of consumers created in 2014, has been transforming the development of research into an innovative model through the use of, for example, gamification techniques and content engagement. Added to this, we have the ability to create highly segmented groups and varied models of data collection.

We offer the opportunity for companies to use, or create unique communities, allowing them to manage the relationship with their consumers. The whole process of interaction and engagement in a network provides data collection through the application of quick surveys, forums and discussion groups, bringing insight and new ideas to a product or service. Currently eCGlobal Solutions has more than 2 million users, from different geographic regions (Brazil, USA, Latin America), willing to talk, share experiences and opinions about consumption. The expertise we have acquired over the years puts us at the forefront of traditional research models. And we still want more.