Resumption of Tourism: What is the profile of the traveler in the pandemic?

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Resumption of Tourism: What is the profile of the traveler in the pandemic?

In Latin America we have the Tourism Day, one of the most important economic activities and which has been greatly affected due to the pandemic. After many months, the resumption in the sector begins, which motivated us to study consumer behavior, through a survey on, a consumer intelligence social network.  

Among the most engaged in the study, we highlight participants in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru. 

Planning a trip is very important for people. 45% say they organize themselves for the trip. 43% are more conservative and wish that everything actually happens as planned, and just 11% are less concerned and prefer to deal with the opportunities that arise. 

The preferred places for the tourist destination are parks or zoos (47%), areas furthest from the city center (31%) and 21% prefer the busiest areas. 

55% buy tour packages. The most attractive factors for consumers in these packages are the place of accommodation (80%), followed by gastronomy and entertainment (50%) and guided tours (49%). 

The consumption profile of most respondents (63%) is more traditional. Only 23% bought a cruise, 8% purchased a safari and 5% opted for both options. 

eCommerce remains strong for this segment as well. The most accessed sites are Trivago (38%) and (32%). 

The trend of travel across continents points out that the first destination would be Europe (48%) 25% would opt for Latin America and 15% for America.  

81% consider Latin countries as the most beautiful destination to visit. During the stay, 77% choose to visit several places, while 23% choose to explore a specific area. And the travel time is one to two weeks (40%). 

In the last five years, family trips are more frequent (58%), followed by trips with couples (22%) and with friends (11%). 

The travel objectives are well defined. 37% want to experience new cultures, while 30% visit tourist sites. For 22%, relax and rest

94% of people care about traveling at least once a year. While those who do not consider it important, do not travel. Those who do, make at least one to three trips a year. The most cited airlines were: Latam (24%) and Avianca (13%). 

63% of participants stated that they were not contacted directly by travel agencies or airlines. 75% had to cancel their travel plans because of the pandemic. 81% claim to have lost bought tickets or reservations. 

The study reveals us conservative and adventurous consumers with more traditional destination preferences. The purchase decision is influenced by the attractiveness of hospitality, food and entertainment options. This is also an important indicator for the assessment of health and safety conditions, especially with the challenging moment we are experiencing. They buy online, travel more with the family at least once a year. 

We highlight the need for an effective communication channel between the brands and the customer, especially in the sensitive scenario of “mandatory” change of plans and not only financial losses, given the great importance that travel represents in people’s lives. Therefore, establishing a solid and continuous relationship in an exclusive environment, with real and committed people to collaborate and co-create, such as an online community, will expand the possibilities of communication, reactivation and loyalty actions for a positive resumption of the sector. 

Sample: 1,001 interviews, 50% women and 50% men, aged 35 to 64 years, living in Latin American countries