Social networks, collaborative economy, co-creation and market research. How HBO shortens distance with its consumers.

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Social networks, collaborative economy, co-creation and market research. How HBO shortens distance with its consumers.

It’s no surprise that Internet users, from any level, use this tool to share experiences, tastes, styles and desires of consumption. In that same environment, they ask for recommendations from friends, access comments and take stock of the experiences of others. A movement that has no end, unless they stop the internet.

That’s why innovation has become routine. It is no longer that great idea, with small actions that reduce the distance between brands and consumers, with the use of tools that help in this process. After all, every brand and company wants to know more about who likes, or not, their products and services. It has always been like that. The difference is that now this movement calls for agility.

An example of who has gone through this and is triving very well this scenario is HBO. One of the largest entertainment production and distribution companies in the world, it has created tools to understand its consumers in a more social and collaborative way. Let’s talk a little about this partnership.


Transforming an Online Dashboard into a Social and Collaborative Community

The beginning

HBO is present in 37 countries in Central America, South America and the Caribbean. The initial challenges were to reduce the cost of research, get results in less time, and lessen the difficulties of reaching the fan base. The HBO MAX VIP community began in 2014 with about 15,000 members. One of the main activities was the application of surveys, which had themes such as series, content and brand marketing actions. The results came quickly, with better cost-benefit, faster response times and more simultaneous application studies.

Several actions were taken, including cross media, especially using social media, taking advantage of the audience of some successful products. Actions that rewarded tickets to go to the exhibition of Game of Thrones in Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City (2014), or distribution of exclusive bottons (Pin ‘Iron Throne’) for new members of the community, each new season debut from the series. They are examples of strategies designed to increase the fan base and grow the ability to bring the brand closer to its fans – we have hired about 4,520 new members with these actions, encouraging them to invite other fans to join the community.

The evolution

In 2016 we launched the community version in a mobile application and the following year we added new features intended to turn HBO MAX VIP into an active and engaging community, harnessing the power of collaboration with HBO fans and consumers. The idea was to increase the interaction, collaboration and co-creation, improving the application of research, making them more attractive and interactive. The use of content of engagement and gamification made all the difference in this process, in which the result came in generation of insights through dialogues and continuous conversations.


In 2019, the HBO VIP MAX community completes 5 years. Today we have over 46,000 registered users, contributing to the brand through the participation of multimedia activities, in real time. The community can extract information about consumption of products, as well as the behavior of users and their relationship, both with the brand and its main competitors. The results can be proven by the time of partnership we have with the company and as each year we innovate with new ways of getting insights and inputs of great importance to design strategies, marketing actions and relationship.