Survey: Consumers reveal their Vision and Expectations for

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Survey: Consumers reveal their Vision and Expectations for

Committed with the satisfaction of our consumers, we developed a perception survey to find out what their vision and expectations are about the evolution of our social network. For us at eCGlobal, the opinion of our members is very important to understand and provide the best and most engaging experiences in a collaborative environment.

We had the opportunity to observe their behavior on the network and 100% of the participants’ access it, follow the contents and participate in the activities. And when we asked about being part of one of the communities, 63% identified with the themes available.

When asking them about what they like best about, most chose the prizes exchange. Then we have the activities and the search for opinions on brands and products, followed by the challenges. This demonstrates the motivation and commitment to share their opinions, and we realize how effective our strategy and creativity have been in generating input for the market.

We received feedback on what is missing on the network, from the users’ perspective. The potential of co-creation allows us to innovate in functionality, both in promoting connection and sharing interests, as well as making the environment increasingly versatile and differentiated.

Regarding the online store, 54% of respondents are satisfied with the awards offered. This is an important feedback for our customer relations area that focuses on delivering new things to our users.

Realizing that 90% of respondents think their opinions reach brands, demonstrates our credibility in the eyes of the consumer, who understands and trusts the purpose of our work. And knowing that 57% of them share the network with their friends, motivates us to keep up with innovations and differentiated content so that we continue being a reference in the market research segment.

In this study, the sample consisted of 1,064 respondents, with greater participation in the age group of 25 to 54 years, mostly men, representing 59% of respondents.