The 5 principles of Agile Marketing methodology

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The 5 principles of Agile Marketing methodology

Agile Marketing aims to make marketing departments more effective, using product development principles and services in sprint models, quickly and efficiently. The methodology enables marketers to act quickly in response to customer-centric needs.

But, do you know the main attributes to implement Agile Marketing principles in market research? We list below some basic principles for it to be incorporated into market research.

1. Plan on a small scale

Plan on a small scale, with more rapid deliveries, during the development. Even if we have a large research project, we need to break this project down into smaller challenges, so we can have deliveries in a short space of time.

2. Explore digital tools

Leverage the use of digital tools to gain speed and quality. When we think of bringing market research to the online world, using digital tools, we have to think that we gain speed, reduce costs and also quality. Opportunity provides us with a wealth of data and information that allows us to work with quality control metrics that we did not have before.

3. Get close to your consumers

Involve your team in learning and experimenting with consumers. You need to involve your team and have it as a mindset: learn and experiment with consumers along the journey.

4. Interact and test

Implement short interaction and test development sprints. This allows us to have a rapid process of results closer to reality.

5. Learn fast

Obtain a deeper understanding of the consumer, with fast learning based on present and historical data.