The Latin American consumer behavior during summer vacation

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4 de November de 2019
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4 de November de 2019
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The Latin American consumer behavior during summer vacation

Warm weather and the opportunity to enjoy the beaches most of the year. This is the Latin America residents scenario. To better understand the region’s consumption habits, we conducted a survey on about summer activities when holidays take place and there is an increase in visitors from around the world.

100% of people like to go to the beach. We asked about the most used products by respondents, being primordial for most: towel, suntan and sunscreen, swimsuit, sandals, and accessories such as sunglasses, hat and music.

Regarding skin protection, the most prominent sunscreen brands are Nivea (36%), followed by Hawaiian Tropic (21%). The choice of these products is defined by two factors: quality (39%) and protection (31%).

About the places to buy swimsuit, sandals and accessories, the favorite ones are department stores (33%) and supermarkets (20%). We asked about food and (81%) bring snacks to the beach, of various types, such as home-made food (36%) and chips (31%). Consumers also bring beverages such as soft drinks (38%), beer (29%) and water (22%).

Beach chairs can be purchased differently: at supermarkets (28%), department stores 23% or rented at the beach (23%). What will influence the purchase decision is price (37%) and ease of payment (24%).

Most respondents (56%) like to take toys to the beach. Among the most common toys are ball (74%), floats (63%) and buckets with spades (46%). That is, they enjoy everything from team sports such as volleyball to building sandcastles. There are those who practice water sports (49%). using jetski (45%) or diving equipment (27%).

Considering that consumers choose department stores and supermarkets to buy beachwear, cosmetics, accessories, food and drinks, brands can take advantage of seasonality with promotions. Another opportunity: for instructors to offer more attractive packages for those interested in sea adventures.

Sample: 367 respondents, 56.68% men, aged 35 to 44 years, with most participants in Colombia.