The new media landscape and the evolution of the Coca-Cola consumer buying journey

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The new media landscape and the evolution of the Coca-Cola consumer buying journey

The consumer decision journey is full of micro-moments with brands. The study by eCGlobal Research Solutions aims to help Coca-Cola’s marketing team measure cross-platform media campaigns, making possible for them to analyze their impact on these various micro-moments that are part of their consumers’ buying journey. Metrics provide answers to the following questions: Which cross-platform media campaigns generate the best marketing ROI? How do they impact brand experiences and the micro-moments of the consumer journey?

As consumer tastes change and people become more health-conscious, Coca-Cola offers the largest variety of beverages in its history, including more beverages with natural attributes, fewer calories and functional benefits. The retail landscape is also evolving at a rapid pace, transforming the way consumers shop and interact with brands. Over the past 20 years, we have seen the emergence of online markets, focusing on speed, convenience and diffusion. At Coca-Cola, nowadays, there is evidence of its concern in adapting to new products and consumer patterns. As consumer tastes change and people become healthier, Coca-Cola offers the largest range of beverages in its history, including beverages with natural attributes, less calories and more benefits.

Parallel to the new consumption behavior, there is an accelerated technological transition, also added to the retail scenario, transforming the way consumers buy and interact with brands. Over the past 20 years, we have seen the emergence of online markets, focusing on speed, convenience and ubiquity. As the media landscape evolves, now including platforms ranging from TV to social networks and mobile apps, and as technologies transform and amplify consumer experiences with our brands, there are a variety of micro-moments in which experiences of buyers occur in person or virtually, whether or not promoted by our company. In this new scenario, it is essential to evaluate the impact and experiences generated by our brands, including the understanding of those micro moments of our consumers. The study conducted in late 2018, focusing on Coca-Cola’s “Polar Bear” campaign, provided relevant data on brand recall, purchase intention and desire to consume the product. These insights introduced marketing with advertising goal efficiency KPIs, according to Alldience’s data collection.

Meet Alldience

Alldience is a mobile application that continuously and passively measures integrated TV consumption and cross-platform advertising (TV, social networks, YouTube, website), and on any device that the user is consuming content – served on TV (open and paid, analog and digital), DVR, streaming / VOD / OTT services (both independent and channel related), mobile, social media (e.g. YouTube), OOH (away from home) or radio (including analog, terrestrial digital and online), etc.

The solution turns any smartphone into a “Smart People Meter“, identifying the consumption of audiovisual content, anywhere and at any time. Through an advanced ACR (Automated Content Recognition) technology, the application uses fingerprinting and watermarking to recognize the contents and generate combinations on the type of content and the source of consumption.
In this way, Alldience identifies and analyzes the content of a specific consumer-impacted TV show or advertising. This system is integrated with a more holistic solution by capturing opinions and feelings about the content consumed, such as recall, knowledge, brand affinity, prestige, purchase intent, and consumption, delivering complete audience profile information. Alldience’s differential is that it can measure content consumption, both in TV programming, as well as in videos and ads, on different platforms, with fast and efficient capture, indoors, and away from home, as well as crossings of consumer profiles, by habits, attitudes, asset ownership, interest, and other segmentations that go far beyond socio-demographic data. Alldience enables you to calculate ROI for investment in audio or video advertising, which can be refined thanks to the rich media usage, social media and consumer data available to sample members. New campaigns can be designed more effectively by identifying the highest affinity media and best CPM for the target-audience, “says Boris Levitan, CEO of Immetrica.

Main results of the study

We can present the following data about the monitoring of the Polar Bear Christmas Campaign:

  • 91% remember having seen some commercial in the period (TV and Social Networks);
  • 63% remember having seen some Coca-Cola commercial during the period (TV and Social Networks);
  • 77% of those who were impacted by the advertisement, remember to have seen some Coca-Cola commercial in the period (TV and Social Networks);
  • 93% of those impacted by advertising recall specific details, such as seeing a polar bear family celebrating Christmas;
  • 92% said that the desire to drink Coca-Cola was awakened by the commercial;
  • 77% said they drank Coca-Cola after watching the commercial;
  • 60% of people who did not drink Coca-Cola after watching the commercial intended to buy;

Given the scenario, we can demonstrate the effectiveness of the solution in monitoring the media both in terms of audience (identification of micro-moments) as well as in relation to the conversion relative to the consumption of the product or the interest in purchasing (purchase potential).

This project uses a platform developed by eCGlobal, in partnership with Immetrica, called Alldience, which integrates audio digital finger printing, watermarking and geographic location capabilities, enabling us to identify when our customers are impacted by our TV campaigns, social networks and advertising audiovisual programmatic media, being able to continue the following of the relationship and experience with our brands throughout the consumer journey.

We will present this case at the WHOW! – Innovation Festival promoted by Grupo Padrao in Sao Paulo, on July 24th, from 4h35 pm to 5h30 pm, in which an audience of 5,000 people is expected. For more information visit: