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We enable smarter, faster and
integrated market research, so you can

make better decisions

eCGlobal has developed the most comprehensive technology platform for market research so you can focus on what matters to you: get actionable consumer insights and improve your business, products and services.

Our innovative cloud-based technology unlocks the power of consumer collaboration, combining social media, communities, mobile, gamification, surveys and big data analytics, all-in-one single platform.


Through a Proprietary Consumer Social Network

Through our own social network,, you have access to thousands of consumers, segmented by behavioral and attitudinal groups, as well as thematic communities.

A high level of engagement and superior user experiences represent our commitment to provide better quality data to your market research studies.

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Use our monitoring and text analytics tools to understand what consumers spontaneously share about brands and products on social network.

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Create meaningful conversations with consumers through our online communities and panels.
Invite them to join your forum, private community, chatroom or discussion group, and take your qualitative research to the next level.

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Wanting to complement your social media data or just quickly ask a few questions to your target market?
Select your segmented audience and post mobile-friendly engaging surveys using our DIY research tools.

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Use our data visualization tools to create stories and interactive dashboards with your data.
You can also subscribe to have continuous access to our consumer database and monitor the performance of your brands and categories.

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An innovative solution to provide you a holistic view of your target audience, by combining online communities, panels and survey data, with social media and mobile behavioral data.

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Clients and Partners

“We not only recommend the eCGlobal platforms, but we will also use them more and more in our studies. Thanks to eCGlobal team for all the support during the whole process and for giving us such a valuable experience!”

Karina Milaré

Reds Research
“Our partnership with eCGlobal allows us to know exactly how to relate to our soup operas fans. The team commitment, data analysis precision and care, methodology accuracy and immediate comprehension of what users say about the products are precious information for our analysis and decision making process of any company. We can even say that the team has became fan of Globo soup operas!”

Ana Frias

“They excel in gathering and providing valuable consumers data and useful insights, while also developing a rich user experience to keep our panelists engage with the community and our brand.”

Laura Berga

Strategy Analysis & Programming Director at HBO Latin America
“Their extensive experience in developing data-driven studies and research initiatives, combined with their understanding of user engagement value and gamification strategies, makes them one of the best choices in the market research industry.”

Luiz Duarte

Programming Director at DIRECTV Latin America
“eCGlobal Solutions has been an important partner that has enabled us to be more closely connected to our customers. The company offers not only data collection methodologies, but also innovative solutions that add great value when delivering to the customer. We are proud of this partnership.”

Ricardo Duarte Contrera

Instituto Análise
“The quality of eCGlobal Solutions services is excellent. The differentials that I would mention are: Accuracy in the feasibility and estimation of incidence rate. Quick quotations and very good Project Managers. Keep it up!”

Ignacio Racca

TNS Argentina
“It is always a pleasure to work with eCGlobal Solutions. You have a great Latin American panel sample.”

Jeffrey Knight

Harris Interactive