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A 360o market research solution, so you can have a holistic understanding of your consumer market.

eCGlobal has created a complete portfolio of integrated solutions to give you a holistic understanding of your consumer marketplace, making your research faster, more innovative, and cost-effective. Our portfolio includes from discussion forums to online communities and mobile researches, as well as eye-tracking, facial-reading and social media analytics.



Online communities create a friendly environment and promote engaging conversations among people, allowing the development of various kinds of activities and researches.

They are created of by clients or consumer groups with similar interests and profiles. The bigger the targeting and similarity of the profiles, the greater the chance for the community to have success and engage members in a long term.

The communities change according to the goals of the research, size (number of participants) and duration, being:

Inside Community

An Inside Community is an internal social network community inside, which can be created exclusively for a brand, theme, or multi-client.

  • - Quick creation, reducing costs and setup at time;
  • - Uses the engajement and rewards system, eliminating additional costs with incentive plans;
  • - Easy recruitment and a great targeted consumers reach;
  • - High level of engagement with consumers that belong to a network with a higher purpose: to help people and companies making better decisions and build better products and services;
  • - It can be unique for your brand, generating an insight channel and continuous relationship, at a low cost;
  • - Maintenance costs lower than stand-alone private communities.

How can I use an inside community for my research?

Create or select an “Inside Community”. Many of them are already available, with targeted consumer groups.


Choose the universe, setup advanced filters, and reach the right audience.

Post your activities, questions, surveys and tasks for your audience and get quick answers.

Follow up your online reporting, access your dashboard with analytics and high-quality insights to make better decisions.

Read more about Inside Community and license levels

Panel Community

Private communities for brands, with proprietary panel and a high customization level.

Proprietary technology developed by eCLabs, an eCGlobal technology division, Brand Community is a customized private community for a brand. As a social network, the main goal of a Brand Community is to generate consumer insights, through innovative experiences that engage members and stimulate interaction and co-creation with the brand, allowing the observation and analysis of spontaneous and brand-stimulated behaviors.

Using gamification strategies for market research and marketing, a Brand Community provides several tools to engage your members, such as: user levels to be reached, virtual coins as rewards for participating that can be exchanged for prizes at the Virtual Store, medals for performance and competition among members for a position on the users' ranking. Our goal is to create a connection between consumers and brands, stimulating the creation of insights and allowing a closer relationship, building loyalty and a real and meaningful connection.

The Brand Community was designed to serve diverse market segments and companies from different sectors. Learn more about license levels and integrated functionalities.

Brand Community for Market Research
  • Creation of high quality insights
  • Quantitative, qualitative and netnographic surveys
  • Faster responses from engaged consumers
  • Brand Community for Marketing

Download the Communities for Brands material

Mobile Community

Pop Up Community



In a world where mobile has turned into the main and favorite way to access the web, consumers want the answer at the tip of their fingers.

Mobile devices changed consumer behaviors and the Market Research Industry needs to adapt if it wants to keep getting good response rates, with speed and quality.

eCGlobal has a mobile panel of highly engaged consumers: Through our gamified app OpinionsApp, we can obtain quick answers and spontaneous consumer insights. OpinionsApp, the opinion app from eCGlobal, has over 25 thousands downloads on Google Play, rated with 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Your own app

eCGlobal mobile app works as an online gamified community, generating rich data and connecting consumers with brands.

In a scenario where mobile is still a challenge for market research, eCGlobal differentiates itself by offering its clients gamified mobile apps for better insights and connecting brands and consumers.

The mobile app works as an online community, where the members show their opinions and interact with each other, providing qualitative data to the brand, and participate in surveys and activities, where the results are tracked in real time in a smart dashboard.



eCGlobal developed a collaborative social network, empowering consumers and replicating similar experience in other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, or in apps that we use all the time on smartphones and tablets.

eCGlobal.Com allows users to share themselves information about their consumption experiences, while they can connect other users, share experiences and rate brands and products, analyze contents posted by other users, answer questions, participate in activities and collaborate with brands for the development of better products and services. provides a collaborative platform for market researchers, which allow you to simply, quickly and cheaply launch surveys, obtain knowledge and make decisions, based on feedback and collaboration with consumers.



Gamification is the use of strategies and game mechanisms in another context, to obtain higher levels of engagement in activities that usually have low engagement.

The Market Research Industry is suffering from the negative impact that the low engagement on participation in researches is causing. eCGlobal has expertise of over 10 years using gamification strategies to optimize market research, obtaining better results: committed panelists, providing quicker and better quality answers.

In order to optimize insights and engagement with market research, eCGlobal uses gamification strategies to make the participation fun and engaging, by stimulating users to be more committed, generating more spontaneous insights.



eCGlobal team has over 15 years of experience in market research, panels and online communities. Through our robust Online Panel, with over 1 million consumers, we make a deep segmentation, reaching consumers with the most varied profiles for your research.

Our panelists are committed to provide sincere answers.

Through a quality assurance program and a continuous and truthful relationship established at our Online Consumer Communities, we assure high quality and quick answers for research projects.

Real People, Guaranteed Quality
Real, active and committed panelists, willing to participate.

Emotional Incentives and Purpose
We value time and we respect the preferences of our members, creating colective awareness to achieve a goal.

Representation of the Internet Users' Universe
Diverse strategies to capture members, to ensure the representativeness of the internet users' universe in each country.

High Quality and Quick answers
We deliver completed surveys quickly, ensuring high quality answers

Download our Panel Book.



Create customized online research panels for targeted consumers. We develop private panels, providing complete solutions that include planning, design, technology platform, recruitment, incentive management, customer service and panel engagement services.



Smart Online Qualitative Research, eCDialogues is our solution for forums and online groups, perfect for qualitative researches that require engagement and constant participation of the users for days or weeks.

Through eCDialogues, we invite groups of highly targeted consumers to participate in online discussions with brands, discovering the consumer's shopping habits, testing concepts, media or getting feedback.

Whether it is to implement a consumer diary, map the consumer's shopping journey, test a communication concept or make a co-create exercise with consumers, eCDialogues is the solution you need.

eCDialogues: Benefits and Differentials

100% mobile friendly and user friendly

Possibility to make simultaneous groups, all over Brazil

Easy access for users (just need internet connection)

Insights in real time for immediate decisions

Online analysis tools: reports, transcriptions of information, word cloud, data crossing

Exporting data directly from the platform

Different tools for interacting with the participant

Total monitoring of the participant's activities on the platform

Greater participation schedule flexibility

Greater wealth of insights (participants have more time to engage and give more focused feedback)

Download the eCDialogues e-Book.


Proprietary Online Market Research Creation Platform

We developed a complete creation platform for online surveys. Using eCInstant, you could create and launch your own free survey project, for social network, or with the best cost-benefit on the market, obtaining a high targeting level within the online eCGlobal panels.

Creation Platform for Online Market Research

Follow your projects in real time
Through a smart dashboard, you follow the results in real time to make better decissions for your business.

Follow your projects in real time

Quick Answers and mobile reach
eCInstant allows you to create a survey in just 5 steps:

Choose your project type
eCInstant provides different project types to be created, such as: quantitative survey for social networks or eCGlobal panels, ou Challenges (netnographic) for our Mobile Panel OpinionsApp.

Choose filters and target the specific audience that you want to reach. eCInstant enables targeting by geography, interests and behaviors.

Create your survey
Different types of questions to create your survey in a simple and fast way: you only have to select the type and edit your question. Create smart jumps or move your questions the way you like.

Approve the budget
While you target and create the survey, you will see the budget in real time. After you completed the project, check and approve the budget.

Your project is ready to be launched. Follow the results in real time. Most projects are completed within 48 hours.

If you want to know more, please contact us and ask for a demo.



Our social media analytics solution combines segmented panels capability and eCGlobal online communities, with a powerful data mining tool in social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

Now you can finally understand how targeted and specific consumer groups are using big social networks, what kind of content they generate and react to, which fan pages they are interacting with, and measure the ROI of your social media marketing campaigns.

Add that to the ability of sending questions to those consumer groups, and you will realize the importance of this tool for marketing and social media teams!



Our "Smart Chatroom" is an exclusive partnership with Remesh. It's an innovative platform that allows chats in real time with consumers. The smart chatroom Remesh provides a unique solution to the researcher: A quali-quanti platform, which allows a moderator to chat, live and simultaneously, with up to 5.000 people.

Obtain qualitative insights for qualitative questions. The platform uses machine learning to understand and involve groups of people in a chat-like conversation. The group's opinion on each response is collected, analyzed and presented in real time.


Have a true back and forth conversation with a large group, as if they were a single person.

Automated Analysis
An expert-level analysis is automatically generated after each group response.

A single person can engage with hundreds or thousands of participants at the same time.

Any survey type with a fast Quali-Quanti test, such as: concept tests, advertisement rate, post-test campaign, video evaluation, episodes, etc.

Eye Tracking & Face Reading

Eye Tracking & Face Reading

With the advances in neuroscience, now it's possible to conduct fast and cost-effective tests to understand human behavior through the capture of emotions and spontaneous reactions of consumers to communications, videos, advertisements and visual stimulus.

Our neuromarketing solution combines our online panels and communities with the most advanced facial reading and eye tracking technologies, allowing to realize which sections of the website, video or image generate more engagement and positive feelings.


Facial expressions are innate to human beings and surely one of the strongest ways to express our feelings. Using computer vision and machine learning techniques, our facial recognition solution measures through the webcam how people feel while they are watching online videos.

When a stimulus is applied, the facial-reading software captures in a video 500 points on the respondent's face and interprets each point with a predominant emotion.



Eye mapping is a sensor technology that allows a device to know exactly where your eyes are focused. It determines the presence, attention, focus, sleepiness, consciousness or other mental states. This information can be used to get deep insights about the consumer's behaviors or to design revolutionary new user interfaces across multiple devices.

Evaluation of printed media, videos, websites and usability tests.